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How to Hire a Realtor?

Table of Contents:

  1. How to Hire a Realtor?

  2. How to Choose a Listing Agent?

  3. How to Choose a Realtor to buy?

  4. What's Your Home Worth? 3 Free Estimates



How to Hire a Realtor

When the time comes to either purchase or sell your home it's incredibly important to find a realtor who has the skills, experience and local expertise to get the job done. Finding this person is not always easy as not all agents are created the same. After being in the business for over 12 years I have met a lot of great agents but also a lot of individuals who leave me questioning how the got their license. In this blog, I want to provide you with ideas on how to choose the perfect agent and how to find them.

How to Hire a Realtor

Tip 1: A great way to meet an agent is by simply attending open houses! Do not be afraid to ask questions to test his or hers market knowledge and confidence level when responding. As a buyer or seller, you want someone on your side who can skillfully and professionally negotiate on your behalf.

Tip 2: The chances of a neighbor being a realtor are very high, ask around and look for signs, marketing material etc. A local realtor will provide invaluable service as they intimately know the pros and cons of the neighborhood they represent.

Tip 3: Interview at least 3 realtors! Like I said, a realtor is going to negotiate on your behalf so it's crucial to feel confident that your interests are in the right hands.


How to Choose a Listing Agent

Selling your home doesn't have to be a hassle! With so many advances in technology and marketing you could literally sell a home while sitting poolside on vacation. Using the right listing agent will not only save you time and money but could potentially make you money with the right set of skills.

How to Choose a Listing Agent

When evaluating real estate agents, ask about production and how many deals they have closed in the previous 12 months. Sites like Zillow and are great resources for this information. There are no silly questions and truth be told, we realtors actually enjoy answering your questions.



How to Choose a Realtor to Buy

After interviewing agents and choosing the right person for you, it's crucial you create a relationship with your agent as they will be your first point of contact throughout the tenure of your deal. Keep in mind that in a market like we are experiencing in Miami, having the right realtor with connections and possibly off market inventory will only benefit you.

How to Choose a realtor to buy
How to Choose a realtor to buy

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